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The Usual Intro

I'm Laura; I just recently turned 38 years old, and in the last year and and eight months, I've lost 73 pounds.

Here are the stats:

Height: 5'7"
Current Weight: 144 lb
Highest Weight: 217 lb
Lowest Weight: I have no idea really.  I was always big, until now.
Goal Weight: 140 lbs 

I started this journey at 217 pounds and wearing a size 20.  I'm now 144 pounds and wearing a size 8.  

Here's a post from my personal LJ about How I Did It.  I wrote this in January of this year--after I'd been at it for one year, so I've lost a bit more since then, but not a whole lot.  The really funny (ironic?) thing is that I didn't start out doing it on purpose.  My intent was never to lose weight, just to be more healthy.  The weight thing came along with it, and when I realized how good I felt and how much better I was starting to look, I jumped right on the bandwagon and never went back.

I underwent a lifestyle change.  I still eat in this "new" way, and I always will, and I'm still with the three times a week gym visits for cardio and weight training.

I've got "issues", but mostly they are psychological.  In my mind I still see the 200+ pound, size 20 person, and that leads to some pitfalls here and there.  Luckily I have an amazing fiancé to help me remember that I'm not that person anymore, and I usually get over whatever it is and move on.

Anyway, that's it for my introduction.

Hi guys!  :D
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