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So the start of the new year was actually a sobering experiance for me. I found that all of my assumptions were based on being just under 200 lbs, and my plans and routines were geared towards losing a total of 80 lbs in a years. I found out over break that I was in fact 238 lbs. I had actually regained everything I lost. It was strange because I didn't feel that different. I can walk up a flight of stair and not be out of breath but it totally shook my confidence. I had to buy a new pair of jeans 2 sizes bigger, I am now offically a size 18 (not a great size for person that is 5'3). Now that I am back at school and I have rejoined a gym, and in three weeks I have missed two days. I have even lost 4 lbs. I guess I am just disapointed in myself.

I have however joined another site. Its called coolrunning.com and it has a plan called couch to 5K a plans for sedentary people that want to train for a 5K run. So I start that tomorrow. I hope that as I get healthier and as I reformat my life it will be less about my body weight and pant size and more about being happy and healthy. I still want to try and reach 160 by july especially since my sister is getting married but I just have doubts that I will be able to do it.
Here is the site for the running plan.

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