dropdeadrella (dropdeadrella) wrote in i_did_it_for_me,

Here comes winter

Hope everyone is staying and getting healthy and getting closer to her/his goals. Thanksgiving took it's toll on me, hopefully you all made it through.

I am looking to add some variation to my workouts and also some upperbody strength training. If you have any suggestions, please comment; here is my usual routine:
I walk about a mile or two back and forth to class each day.
make it to the gym for about 35 mins of eliptical machine about 3 times a week.
i dance around my dorm room like a freak when my roommate is gone.
i do the 2 yoga-ish poses I know about 5 times a week.

I enjoy the dancing and yoga, eliptical gets boring, running has never been my thing. I have 10lb free-weights in my dorm.
Make a recommendation please.

Also, do you think is it realistic to try to lose 13 lbs in 21-28 days? What are some of the best ways to make this happen? thanks in advance.
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