Krystyna (syndustria) wrote in i_did_it_for_me,

intro and question

Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Current Weight: 186 lbs
Starting Weight: 202 lbs
Total Loss: 16 lbs
Goal Weight 1: 170 lbs
Goal Weight 2: 150 lbs

Now I guess a lil back ground info:
I used to be very fit and very active. I used to be a dancer and a wrestler. But injuries struck when i was 16 and am now left with a very weak right knee that I doubt would be able to go through the vigourous training that I once did, due to the fact it likes to lock up now and then.

I used to weigh roughly 150lbs about 3yrs back. A mixture of a couple of things have made me gain this weight.

-Going off of my anti depressants

-A tailbone surgery wich took me bout 3 months to recover from (wich acted up again earlier this year wich left me in pain for a month, luckily no surgery was needed)

-Massive headaches for 5 months wich were treated with different kinds of medication that made me gain 30lbs.

All of that added in with no motivation and the love of junk food made me hit the weight of 202lbs.

But I have a lovely support group.
My mother, who has helped me keep on track and also helped me to stick to eating foods that are healthy.
My fianace, who has helped me keep focused and not get discouraged and reminding me that he loves me no matter what.

Now my question:

I was wondering if anyone can tell me about some good cleanses/detox's
Perferably one that is only a couple of days long.

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