Katie Michelle (katie_michelle) wrote in i_did_it_for_me,
Katie Michelle


Recap: Katie Michelle, 19, ED-NOS
hw: 211
cw: WTF I dunno. See below. Somewhere around 200-210.
lw: 135
ltg: 125
stg: 175

I have some serious issues with my scale. I normally weigh myself in the morning, right after my shower, naked. I've tried weighing before my shower, but it's always lower after. So anyway, for the past two weeks it's been:
211 ... 210.8 ... 209.8 ... 208.6 ... 210 ... 209.4 ... 208.2. (I don't have all the days, consider it an every other day record)

Well, I forgot to weigh myself this morning, I was in a HUGE rush.

Today I ate a half a caesar chicken wrap, and a cup of coffee. (230 cal wrap, plus 100 dressing, and around 70 for the creamer)

I just weighed myself, and it said 204.8...in my bra and undies. This makes no sense, as I ATE already. WTF? Do I need to buy a new scale? Can anyone explain this?

Also, I just got my coffeemaker. I like lattes and flavored coffee, so I thought I'd try having some coffee every now and then. I noticed a lot of girls drink coffee all the time - is that just cause you like it? Cause I'm wondering about the calories. I use sweetener and sugar-free creamer, but the creamer is 30 cal per tablespoon, and I use two tablespoons, maybe three. It doesn't taste as good as the creamy 100 cal stuff, so I haven't drank much of it, I've stuck to water and diet soda. Plus I can't figure out how many calories are in the actual coffee, it doesn't have a label...eek. It's Folger's, if anyone knows.

Anyway, my question was why does everyone drink so much coffee, and what sweeteners and creamers do you use? Has anyone tried the latte creations thing from CoffeeMate? I wanted to try it, but not if it stinks.

Thanks to anyone who can help *hugs*
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